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Food and Faith

Health and Happiness Around the Many Tables of Our Life

This class is an evidence based yet wild experiment, rooted in the idea of our vocation as planetary citizens. Food and Faith is a freshmen general education (core) class that uses community engagement as a way of teaching. This commitment to high impact pedagogy helped me and two others co-design this innovative (and enjoyable) course. A huge Thank You goes out to my co-designers -- Rev. Dr., Harry Workman and Dr. Shea Watts. Want to know more about the principles that guided our design, then check out our NetVUE Blog Series for "Vocation Matters" (April, May, June, July 2022). 

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Reading a Book

Service-Learning & Community Engagement ... during COVID-19

Fall 2020: Global Perspectives in Ethics SLCE

Teaching critical thinking, problem solving, communication of ideas and ethical deliberation from a global perspective is challenging. However, by embracing a SLCE pedagogy, this class was able to think globally while problem-solving locally

Spring 2021: Introduction to Systematic Theology

Theology is best taught through actively engaging with the people who are bringing the tenets of Christianity to life. This was the core of this service-learning and community engagement course and was a perfect fit for an introductory theology class. Aspects of systematic theology -- Church history, Scripture, Christology, pneumatology, the Trinity, eschatology, suffering, love -- were learned through the lens of embodied life in community.

Service Learning in Ethics (GPS 310)

A Combined White Paper

Yoga at Home
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