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What world will we be leaving future generations?

Living in an industrialized, globalized, and technologically driven world is not easy. This course will offer a tool box of systems and ideas to explore how we are to live just and fruitful lives as citizens of Earth’s planetary community.

Introduction to Systematic Theology

Who is God? What is pneumatology? How do we understand creation? What is end times? How do we appreciate Jesus, son of God and humanity today? These are just some of the questions we explore in this introduction to systematics course.


Students engage in 'holy noticing' to explore the relationships between God, creation, and humanity. They discover the wisdom of ecofeminists, ecowomanists, ecotheologians, indigenous scholars, artists, poets, and more.

Christian Missions (Missiology) in the 21st Century

This course looks at how mission work and ministry is being done today. It begins with a historical and theoretical look at missiology and practical theology. Students then explore modern forms of mission work and design their own research projects to answer the question of how mission work is being done in the 21st century?

Religion and Science

How does religion and science interact -- especially in the rural South (USA)? This course allows students to engage with Darwin's life and contributions to science. We also explore biblical and scientific divergence and models of interactivity. Students also engage with current events that involve science and religion - and examine them through the lenses offered in this course.

Suffering & Joy

This course explores the beauty in the brokenness of our ancient, dynamic, unfolding universe. How do we understanding suffering now that we know our evolutionary world is rife with inherent and inflicted suffering. But we also know that it is the source of immense joy. This course allows students, in a variety of ways, to explore the two sides of the same coin: Suffering and Joy

   Global Perspectives in Ethics    

Introduction to Systematic



Christian Missions in the 21st Century

Religion & Science

Suffering & Joy

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